Till your hearts content


Hey guys! Did you have a nice weekend?? I hope everyone enjoyed the great weather and had a lovely mother’s day.  :)

On Saturday, I spent the am assisting Kim Manfredi at the first outdoor yoga class of the season sponsored by Lululemon.  It was a great turnout!  Thanks to everyone who came!

Let each moment have value.  Let each day of your life be the experience you seek.  The power to change and evolve lies within you.  The life you desire is happening right now.  Your destiny is here.  Cherish all your moments.  Embrace the beauty and importance of each one.  ~Melody Beattie

I also went hiking this weekend and the weather was ahhhhhmazingggg! I love being outside and just breathing in the fresh clean air- all within 20 minutes away from the city.  I felt very content.  Even with the busy week and weekend, I just felt really happy.  In yoga, Santosha, means being content.  So how can you be blissful or happy with what is?

I think the important thing about santosha or contentedness is that it takes practice.  As the physical asana or yoga practice takes jus that,  practice, it takes time and effort to let yourself be OK with what is.  You can be content right now, just as you are.  And when you truly are content you’re giving yourself permission to be present in the moment.

**What are you going to do today to be more content with your life?**

~Here’s a tip: When you start to feel frazzled, stressed, tired, overwhelmed with all of our crazy every day running’s from here to there- close your eyes, find stillness, take 5 deep breaths in and out through your nose.  Open you eyes and then you can move forward through the rest of your day with a clear head, clear mind and an open heart!


Don’t forget to come to the FREE outdoor yoga class taught by me THIS SATURDAY May 14th at 9 am at West Shore Park.  These classes will be all summer long sponsored by Charm City Yoga so I hope you can make it!  I’m only teaching the first one! Click here for more info!

Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “Till your hearts content

  1. Morgan Fabulous says:

    Great post clarice. I def need to find more stillness and contentness in my life. I’m excited for the yoga session on Saturday! I believe Paulypoo is coming too!

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