Do you know what love is?

544 I don’t mean romantic love.  I mean love that you are born having running through your blood.

587  Love is sharing your life with someone.  Someone who looks just like you. 

878  Love is having made up dances that no one else knows.

636  Love means sometimes being a little crazy.

782  Love means laughing so hard your eyes almost close. 

009  Love means getting dressed up for New Years and planning to have a picture to use for next years holiday card.  But then deciding that we don’t like out hair or makeup. 

003  Love means you always have a best friend; even if it’s one with your same voice!

cmdance  Did I mention that love means always having someone to dance with?

cmbday Love means always having someone to blow the candles out with.

cmbday2  Love means always having someone to share your life with.

I love you M.


Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…

All kinds of weather, we stick together

The same in the rain and sun

Two different faces, but in tight places

We think and we act as one

Those who’ve seen us

Know that not a thing could come between us.

~Irving Berlin