Two year old lessons

009 Hi friends~ did you have a nice weekend? I got back from NY this evening and I am missing my weekend already.  I had one of those weekends where I didn’t really do anything but it was wonderful.  If you missed it- click here and here for my previous posts.  And just to clarify- I was in Red Hook near Rhinebeck- not in Brooklyn.  Smile


So if you’ve been staying updated- I was visiting my cousin and her husband and their two kiddies for the weekend.  It was pretty rainy and cloudy the whole time, but it was nice and cool and I got to play mother number 2.  Well kind of- as I didn’t change any diapers lol.  But I used to be a kindergarten teacher and I LOVE kids!




Look how young I was!

Anyways.  Kids are funny.  If you’ve spent all day with a 2 year old and an 8 month old- you will see what I mean.  They are bottomless pits, can read endless amounts of stories, and have bounding amounts of energy! What I find so intriguing about children is their ability to let go.  They can cry one second because you tell them to stop terrorizing their baby sister and then 5 minutes later- it’s look at my Woody the cowboy doll dancing! Seriously this happened!

As we get older, we hold grudges, stay forever stressed, want what other people have, and aren’t able to let go when really, we already have everything we need.  If we let go of those things that we think we need ( a better life, job, more money, get skinner, prettier, etc.) we could simply be happy.  It’s that easy.  But just like doing the physical yoga practice and some yoga poses take months of physical work to accomplish, letting go takes work.  You have to catch yourself having negative feelings of self doubt and unworthiness.  I only bring this up because having those feelings are habit forming and we all do it!


007  See!  Look at little Jack!  He has his blue hat and his airplane!  He loves those things- even though he tried to sleep in his bed with the airplane and the pointy wings stabbed him a little in the stomach when he rolled over. Lol  But what happened?

007  This guy just came and moved it and everything was better!  Just like that.

I’ve been reading Judith Lasater’s book Living Your Yoga and it’s a great read so first off- I really recommend it.  She tells stories about her daily life and basically how you can live your yoga off of your yoga mat.  She told a story about looking at one of those puzzle/hologram pictures in a doctors office with her daughter- the ones where you have to look at it a weird way and then you see a hidden image hidden in the big picture.  Lasater said that her daughter could see all the images in the twenty page book and she just got more and more upset with herself because she couldn’t see any of them.  But then, finally, when she stopped judging and being upset with herself for not being able to see it- all of the hidden images jumped out at her.

I was struck with the power of what had happened.  This was a living teaching.  When I let go, I was able to see what had been there the whole time. ~ Judith Lasater


Same with little precious here- cry one second- BIG smile the next.  I love it!

In Lasater’s book- she also talks about attachment.  We thrive on focusing on the outcome of everything.  We always judge.  Is it good? Is it bad?  We can never just be.  We can never just accept things the way the are and be OK with them.  Why is that???  Obviously I can’t speak for everyone- but what Lasater explains later is true for me.  We have to let go of our attachment to the way we think things should be or how we think things should go.  The only thing that ever really changes is YOU.  Funny isn’t it?  That’s is exactly why you can learn things from children- or the little tinies as I call them.  Upset one second and happy the next.  They forget all about the took that’s broken or the second cookie they can’t have.


Yes, you can turn that frown upside down.  It’s all about simply being aware.


So how can you be more aware this week?

I’ve kind of talked before about the fact that I used to go down the path of darkness and it took time and effort and energy to stop myself from having those feelings.  But in all honesty, it’s made a WOLRD of a difference!

See if you can just catch yourself when you start with the shoulds- I should be working out more, I should have this, I shouldn’t eat that, I should etc etc.  You know what I’m talking about.  Take 5 seconds and take 5 breaths and move on!  See what happens!

Do you have any goals this week?

I have a ton! But the key is to start slow and cross off those to do’s!

  1. Go to bed early-starting Monday.  Hehe
  2. Drink MORE water.
  3. Yoga 3x times this week
  4. 3 gym sessions
  5. Write one article and submit to 3 online web/magazines!

Those are just a few!



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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