I can feel it

002HI!!  How was your Thursday??  Things have been pretty bueno over here.  My mom came to my yoga class this am and she did handstand against the wall!  I was so excited!  But on the inside I was freaking out a little lol.  We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday and going to Woodberry Kitchen.  I can’t wait! The weekend is almost here- I can feel it! Yay!

Other exciting news- I am contributing an article may  be in pictures for Inside Lacrosse Magazine!!!!  I will post more details soon. Smile

I wanted to bring you another spotlight/guest post from a dear friend of mine CJ Keller.  CJ just finished the summer teacher training intensive at Charm City Yoga and he is also a Marine.  I think even though he’s big and strong on the outside, he’s a softie on the inside. 


Words from Captain Keller himself~

My intent to utilize the yoga instructor course training will be focused on serving the active military and veteran community. As a Marine Corps Captain and combat veteran, I have been inspired to serve servicemen and women by becoming both a yoga instructor and an occupational therapist.
During my time in the Marines and overseas, I was able to see the life altering and sometimes debilitating effects of combat. These experiences have motivated me to continue to give back and to serve those who have sacrificed their well being for our country and for our freedom.
There are may parallels and similarities between the two established disciplines, both offer a wide range of proven physical as well as mental benefits. In short, my experience and expertise as a yogi will allow me to instruct students yoga and it will enhance my ability to provide complimentary and dynamic therapy to patients and clients.
I currently serve on the board of directors for the non-profit Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness. This organization provides a variety of health and wellness solutions to military members, veterans and first responders. We are constantly reaching out to vets in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC. areas and seeking to expand our network and services. As a yoga instructor at Charm City, I will be inviting this group that gets very limited (if any) exposure to yoga and the benefits of practice. I will most likely instruct at the Towson location and possibly Severna Park.
Yoga has helped bring a greater sense of stability into my life. It seems that stress and life’s challenges are much more manageable when my practice is on point. I like to think I’ve lived a yogi like life until I really started practicing, but my self awareness, acceptance and compassion have highlighted my recent journey into yoga.

I asked him what his favorite yoga pose was:
I’m sure my favorite asana will evolve in time, but right now i feel great in warrior II. The stance and gaze is so strong and steady from the feet to your core to the fingers. It fosters confidence and i always feel energized leaving the pose. Then again, I’m partial to all warrior postures (for obvious reasons).

I am very excited to get into the course work and look forward to giving back to our courageous and honorable military family.

Love him.  I think he’s going to be a great yoga instructor and really be such an inspiration to so many people.  He has a great balance of strength and compassion.

I still have some more work to do tonight and it’s already late but I read this quote in my yoga classes today.  I hope you  all are having a great week and tomorrow is Friday!!!

Joy and satisfaction must come from the inside…accepting your current circumstances and embracing them rather than expending energy on negative thinking will help you overcome obstacles and enact changes naturally.  The happier you are, the more you will be able to make the positive changes that really matter…Remember that joy is a state of mind, and it is pointless to sacrifice the happiness of today for a set of possibilities that may or may not come to be. ~Madisyn Taylor

Xoxo, Camille

2 thoughts on “I can feel it

  1. morganfabulous says:

    CJ is def an inspiration!
    Working at ther Navy Yard I see a lot of service men and I think its nice that he is so involved with so many different aspects of life!
    Great job!

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