Away we go!

003To the beach that is!

Hi Friends! Are you so happy the weekend is here??? I am!

I am going to Lewes Delaware for a whole week with the family.  A lot of people have never heard of Lewes before, but it’s a lovely little town at the end of the row of beaches in Delaware.  The fam and I have been going there pretty much since Morgan and I came into existence.  And now it’s turned into an extended family vacation. 

004 Here’s my driver!

Yesterday I indulged in a pedi with my girl Nurse Leicht.

002 001

I’d say I’m beach ready Smile

I cannot wait to just have  time to relax, unwind, and be in the salt water! I absolutely love the ocean and even though it will probably be packed with tons of families, we will be one of them!

We also all are bringing our yoga mats- Mace included- so we’ll all be rolling out our islands.  I haven’t actually done yoga in weeks because of my foot injuries but I’ve been wearing clunky sneakers for days now so I am hoping I can be pain free! I neeeeeeed my yoga!

So- we drove across the Bay Bride


and after getting slightly lost- we ended up having a family breakfast with my aunt and uncle.

013 Jimmy’s is a restaurant on the way to the eastern shore that has true home cooking.  I mean look at these pies- freshly made!


So if you look closely, my dad, my uncle and I- well, we look alike in the face!


I make my dad pose a lot.  Smile

And surprisingly-


Morgan wasn’t ready for her close up.  Shocking!



Back on the road!

And then we finally arrived!





My favorite people.


029 032


If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, then you’re lucky enough.~ Quote from a picture in our beach house

Life is good!  Happy Weekend!!!!!

xoxo, C

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