Strength and courage

I saw my friend Heather today. It is truly amazing to me how someone can have such strength and courage in a time of stress and chaos.  As I told you the other day, her son Regan, 15, was hit by a car.  He is stable, thank God, but there is still some uncertainty about how he will recover. 

Even though times are tough for Heather and her family right now, everyone is pulling together, thinking positive thoughts, praying, and sending their energy to Regan.  I didn’t think I would get upset seeing him,even though hospitals and I don’t get along so well, I ended up leaving in tears.  I don’t like seeing my friend have to worry about her family and I don’t like seeing a 15 year old not be able to be with his friends, play sports, and spend time with the people who care about him.

It made me realize that there is so much stuff that we focus on in our day to day lives that doesn’t even matter in a time like this.  I  was crying before teaching my room full of yoga students and I found myself asking How can we live a life doing what’s best for other people and still have what we want?

Clearly I don’t know the answer but as I said, unfortunately when tragedy happens, things are put into perspective.  I am a huge believer in the idea that this is our only life to live and you better live it being a kind, loving, and authentic being.  But how can we offer up all of our hard work to serve those that need it?  I don’t know and I guess it’s all a process and a practice- just like yoga.  You have to practice.

When I was a kindergarten teacher, I always wanted the class to make cute art projects and decorate the room with all their work.  My co-teacher always said “It’s about the process not the project.” And now I realize that’s true more than ever.  It’s about how you go through life every single day.  How you treat the people you care about and how you treat strangers.  Do you have a bad attitude all the time? Are you selfish and greedy?

I am not sitting her telling you that there is a specific way to life because I am by no means perfect.  But I think it’s important to take the time and reflect on these things and ask yourself if you’re just waiting for something to happen to turn your life and attitude around.  Tell the people you love that you care about them and then show them.  Smile at a stranger.  Hold the door for someone.  Think of the glass as half FULL instead of empty.  Because you can’t decided to rewind and then be kind.

Life is full of choices- what what choices are you going to make?

If you are interested in Regan’s progress please check his site here and if you are interested in making a donation on his behalf or helping out with food for Heather and her family PLEASE contact me at

One thought on “Strength and courage

  1. SloaneShine says:

    Indeed, you bring up such a good point. It’s all about your delivery. Kind? Compassionate? Overbearing? Aggressive? It applies in all areas. Thanks for putting it out there and for putting things in perspective. xo

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