Real men do yoga


Hi! How was your weekend??? I cannot believe we had a blizzard here yesterday. Crazy crazy I tell you. I broke down and put my heat on. Ugh. Winter will be coming sooner rather than later and I am not a fan of that.

Don’t you love this orchid??? My daddy grew it. Smile

Speaking of my parents. Look at this.


I want that dress.

But now who does this look like????

mom563 - Copycamille5

Ummmm- I look just like my mother! Lol- honestly I always thought I looked like my dad until I found this! I still can’t believe it. I know I act like her but- I didn’t think she was my other twin.


And well- this picture explains itself. Bhahahahahah- my hair!


004I spent all Saturday with the family freezing in the snow, rain, and ice, and was dead tired when I got home. Today I had the privilege of teaching two yoga classes at a pamper party put on by a doctor friend of mine. Basically she invited tons of ladies to her house (which was gorgeous) to have food, drinks, get mani/pedis, facials, massages, do yoga and shop for jewelry, candles, and purses. How else do you want to spend your Saturday?

003I will just tell you know that the food was amazing (and there was a lot of it!) but the purpose of the pamper party was to raise and donate money to Christ Lutheran Church Women and Children’s shelter. The majority of the women at the event were ER nurses and doctors and I have to say, it was very inspiring. My friend who threw the party said that she decided to make the event charity based because so many of the women from the shelter come into her ER. The shelter let’s women stay there for up to a year and then they put them up in a furnished apartment, help them find jobs, therapy, etc. Amazing. And what was even better was that I LOVED seeing these successful women of so many backgrounds all coming together for a good cause.


Post yoga glow!

Some of these woman were in shock at the things I was asking them to do- and let me tell you- I went easy on them I swear! There wasn’t even one chaturanga in there! I swear. But this brings me to my topic of discussion.

Some people are fearful of yoga. They immediately think: “I can’t touch my toes so I can’t do it.” We all know this isn’t true. But this also goes along with:

Yoga is for hippies

Men don’t do yoga

It’s just breathing and laying down

Ummm- have any of the people who say that been to my class? A no!

A few weeks ago when I was out having drinks with my friend- let’s call him Big C- his coworker (who I had never met before) proceeded to tell me that men don’t do yoga. Now- before I go off on a rant- I hand to dig deep down and find my yogic ways and center before I ripped into his over weight and tobacco chewing self. Yeah. Moving on.

My point is- Anyone can do yoga!

You just have to take the time to try different classes and teachers and find the one that you love. I’m not going to go into all the different types and styles right now, but when the lovely ladies today were grunting and groaning at me (with love I know), they were freaking out because it was something new for them, it was challenging, and I think they just thought about what the poses look like on the outside and they didn’t think they could do them. Yoga is about putting it all together- challenging yourself and putting your mind to it. It’s simple really.

And as a side note- REAL MEN DO YOGA. All my old boyfriends since I became a teacher took yoga and took my class! My dad has been doing yogic breathing an exercises my entire life.


Here’s the proof. Sorry B.

So who’s taking yoga this week?

Ok- enough with the ranting and way past my bed time!

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!!


Love, love, love~ C