Day 3

Here are the ABC’s of ME

A is for amazing.  That’s how I’d describe my life.


B is for beautiful– the weather was today.


C is for Camille– of course.

D is for the first letter of Brad Pitt’s real name.

E is for energy.  I like to have it so sometimes I drink diet coke.  I know it’s bad.

F is for family.


G is for green.  It’s my favorite color and yes this dress will be making it’s appearances again soon.


H is for happiness.  Sometimes we have to pick and choose to figure out what it is that makes us happy.  Take 5 minutes and write down the first things that come to your mind about what make you happy- spending time with friends, practicing yoga, going on a walk, cooking, sipping bubbly- whatever.  See you if you can do at least 2 of those things on your list this week!

I is for inspiration.  I try to find something that inspires me everyday whether it’s from a conversation with my mom, seeing a blossoming flower, or the lyrics from a song.  Here’s a song to download- Whale  by Yellow Ostrich.

J is for juice.  Yummy green juice.


K is for kindness.  Life can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming but take time to be kind to people you love and even a stranger.  It’s my pet peeve when walk right by you and don’t smile or say good morning because it sure makes my day when they do. 

L is for laughter.  You have to laugh every day to really live. 

M is for Morgandance

N is for negative nelly.  I say this a lot, we all know who these types of naysayers are!  You don’t want to be one!  That’s all I’m going to say about that. 

O is for open.  In yoga we work to stretch and lengthen and physically open parts our bodies (hips and shoulders especially) because these are places where we hold so much tension! Are you holding onto something?  What can you do to open up a little bit?  And this openness isn’t just something physical- we all know that we can hold onto things in our minds and turn it over and over again. 

P is for Presley! 023








Q if for quiltYes this is random, but I am determined to make one out of all of these old t-shirts that my dad brought M and I back from his aquarium collecting trips during our childhood.  Mom if you are reading this- I will use my sewing machine that is currently collecting dust.  Lol

R is for reading.  Currently, I am on book two of The Hunger Games; Catching Fire.  I’m almost finished and if you haven’t read The Hunger Games I HIGHLY recommend it! 

S is for smiling.  It’s one of my favorite things, just like this guy.


T is for time.  Life is short and you only have one so make every second count.

U is for understanding.

V is for-ok this is another one that stumped me.  I even looked up words online.  But then I came back to my original though.  V is for Violet.  Violet Beauregard.

“Violet’s turning violet!” Yes, hilarious.  Lol (picture source)

W is for wine.  Yes another one of my indulgences…sometimes.  Hehehe Smile


X is for- ok all I can think of is xylophone probably from my days at working at a preschool and holding up flashcards with pictures.  Anddddd I just found one.  Lol


Y is for YES!  Sometimes you just have to say yes and go with the flow. 

Z is for zest.  How can you put some zest in your life?  And I don’t mean the soap


Happy Tuesday!

xox- C