Day 4

pencilsHey there- I hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday.  I am so glad the weekend is almost here.  It’s so close I can taste it.  I am so glad you’ve all been keeping up with my challenge!  I am definitely trying to stay creative and have some fun posts for you.

I thought you’d like to know what blogs and websites I check daily that I love.


Tranquility Du Jour is Kimberly Wilson’s blog.  She is a yogini, author, yoga studio owner, eco-friendly clothing designer just to name a few of her talents.  Kimberly is amazing and she’s also mentored me. 

Carrots n Cake is Tina’s blog.  Blogging is her fulltime job but she’s also a wife, pug lover, runner, cross-fit enthusiast and an author.  Tina lives in Boston and I love reading her posts because she’s real- she balances healthy eating with working out and still having fun!

 Smile With Your Heart is a blog by Jenn Thiel- also a yogini, nurse, Lululemon model, snowboarder, athlete- another one who the list can go on and on about.  I love her blog because she is real.  Jenn talks about the ups and downs in life but shares her own words of wisdom and tidbits to help you live your best life even when there are rough spots.

A Beautiful Mess is a new blog fav of mine!  Elsie is a photographer, vintage shop owner, and all around amazing photographer and crafty stylish woman!  Her blog is full of inspiration- easy and simple DIY ideas.  Her blog makes me want want to redo my apartment, wardrobe, and my whole life and make it all homemade!

Rockstar Diaries– Great style, amazing pictures, young stylish family- and in D.C.!

Daily Garnish– I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to this blog before- but Emily is a vegetarian, runner, new mother, writer and healthy foods chef living in Seattle with her family.  Her son is adorable, she’s an animal lover, and her recipes are easy and healthy.  A lot of them are vegan.  She blogs about motherhood now too so if you’re a new mom you can check her out.

The Fitnessista– Gina is also a new mother, military wife, dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, certified raw foods chef, dog lover.  She’s another one that has a really nice balance of healthy eating and enjoying life.  Gina also posts lots of creative, heart pumping, and calorie burning strength training and cardio routines.

Living With Healthy Hunger is Dorry’s blog.  She’s a southern girl who has just relocated with her husband to NYC.  Her blog is always incredibly positive, has great pictures, healthy eating inspiration and she’s also a Lululemon educator, runner, yoga lover, bike rider, and sister among other things.  If she lived in Baltimore, we’d be friends!



I wanted to be totally honest and those are the ones I read all the time with saved bookmarks on my iPhone.  Most of you know I love twitter, Facebook, and instagram (yeah I don’t know how to link to my account but it’s camiekarma if you want to follow me)  too!

If you could have a blog or website what would it be?  Especially if time was no issue.  Share with me!

xoxo- Camille