Day 6

007Today is Friday.  My day did not go as planned.  I don’t know about you, but I really hate when that happens.  Like, a lot.  Even though I’m a yoga teacher, I struggle just like everyone else to let go and move on- especially when something has upset me.  I like to plan and I like to know what’s happening at all times (although the state of my bedroom with a pile of unfolded laundry may suggest otherwise.)  It wasn’t smooth sailing, but, TGIF after all.

cm1Almost all of you know I’m close with my family.  I have one sister who is my twin and parents that have been together for over 40 years.  We are very close.  I’d say more than close.  As much as I don’t like to admit it all the time, my mother and I talk on the phone everyday…more than once a day.  Same with my sister.  We laugh about ridiculous inside jokes that no one gets, talk about our love lives, if we’re going to zumba or getting a manicure- all the things that sisters and close friends would talk about.  (And I also think we were very cute children lol). 

I’ve posted many times about my family with pictures, cmomholiday dinners, birthdays, etc and I really realized today that your family is always there for you no matter what.   No matter who is right or wrong or what you did or didn’t do- they will always love you and care about you and try to make you feel better.  My parents have been in Colorado for the last week and this was totally validated when I opened my mailbox and found this postcard in my mailbox.  My mother knows all too well that I don’t get any mail with the exception of my BGE bill.  And even though I’ve talked to her every single day since they’ve been away- it still made my afternoon getting the postcard. 



I was watching the Ellen show today and she had the producer of Happy- a documentary (I tried to get the link but it wasn’t working) on her show.  He talked about living simply and authentically- life is about family and community.  Having friends and family around you who love you.  While this seems simple, we often forget those things as we want more material possessions, have more money, want everything that’s bigger and better etc.  But being kind and serving others was on the top of the list.  That even being witness to an act of kindness activates a jolt of happiness in our own bodies.  While this may not seem surprising, I think we forget about small acts of kindness in our busy lives.  You can see the video here

mom and dadBe kind. Be loving. Take a deep breath. Make a plan. Put it into action. Be authentic. Take charge of your own reality. And tell your family you love them.

Life is short, exciting, upsetting, chaotic, intense, wonderful, and a full on roller-coaster all at once. Cherish it. Enjoy it. Love it. Every. Single. Moment.

Life is good after all.  Happy Friday!