Weekend to do’s

picstitch (25)Hi my loves- TGIF!  I hope you have had a great week and have a beautiful weekend ahead of you.  It’s currently thunder storming but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and not too hot!  My fire escape garden is really looking good already and I am hoping to get in time to plant some flowers.  What are your plans?

Here’s another recipe for you.  You must make this soup!!

Summer cucumber watermelon gazpacho

picstitch (23)

Super east to make and all you to is have to blend it up or use the food processor.

picstitch (22)

This picture is actually missing one of the ingredients (and I didn’t use any olive oil- but you could use a drizzle).

1 and 3/4 cucumber (peeled and seeds removed)

Small (on the larger side) piece of watermelon.  You could use a bigger piece if you want it to be sweeter

Onion and garlic to taste

Cilantro (this isn’t pictured) and I used a good amount because I love the flavor.

Blend away and refrigerate so it’s extra cold!

As you can see this makes about two of those bowls pictured above so you can always freeze the extra…or slurp it down the next day like I did.  I actually went to the store to get another piece of watermelon to make more tonight.  You can also add tomatoes or peppers as well.  Let me know if you make it!  It would be great for a summer party and you can serve in little bowls as an appetizer for everyone to get a taste.


Here’s my weekend TO DO list:

picstitch (24)Teach the 200 hour yoga teacher trainers

See my Granny and sister

Spend time with Brad Pitt

Dinner at Tio Pepe’s

Make green juice and green smoothies

Get my yoga on (probably with yogaglo)

Go to the farmers market and get some kale

Work on my art journal

Life is good!



I want you to check out a video featuring Kim Manfredi! It’s done by Becca Saag (daughter of one of my yoga teacher friends). It’s featured in a film showcase and I would love for you to vote for it! It’s beautifully done. Please click on the stars below the blurb to vote! I couldn’t get the video to come up but click here to see it.

Have a great weekend!!

xox- C